The First SUMO Challenge Workshop

In conjunction with ACCV 2018
December 3, 2018
Perth Convention and Exhibition Center, Perth, NSW, Australia


In computer vision, scene understanding and modeling encapsulate a diverse set of research problems, ranging from low-level geometric modeling (e.g., SLAM algorithms) to 3D room layout estimation. These tasks are often addressed separately, yielding only a constrained understanding and representation of the underlying scene. In parallel, the popularity of 360° cameras has encouraged the digitization of the real world into augmented and virtual realities, enabling new applications such as virtual social interactions and semantically leveraged augmented reality. This workshop aims to promote comprehensive 3D scene understanding and modeling algorithms that create integrated scene representations (with geometry, appearance, semantics, and perceptual qualities), while utilizing 360° imagery to encourage research on its unique challenges.

The First SUMO Challenge Workshop will bring together computer vision researchers working on 3D scene understanding and modeling for a day of keynote speakers and discussions on the topic. The two primary goals of the workshop are:

Encourage the development of comprehensive 3D scene understanding and modeling algorithms that address the aforementioned problems in a single framework.

Foster research on the unique challenges of generating comprehensive digital representations from 360° imagery.

The 2018 SUMO Challenge, in conjunction with the workshop, provides a dataset and an evaluation platform to assess and compare such scene understanding approaches that generate complete 3D representations with textured 3D models, pose, and semantics. The datasets created and released for this competition may serve as reference benchmarks for future research in 3D scene understanding.

Keynote Speakers

Shuran Song

Columbia University

Ian Reid

University of Adelaide

Rick Skarbez

La Trobe University

In So Kweon



Start Time End Time Speaker Description
9:00 9:30 Daniel Huber Introduction and Overview of the SUMO Challenge
9:30 10:00 Shuran Song Comprehensive 3D Scene Understanding Beyond the Field of View
10:00 10:30 Break
10:30 11:00 Ian Reid SLAM in the Era of Deep Learning
11:00 11:30 Rick Skarbez Perception in SUMO: Justification and Experimental Results
11:30 12:00 In So Kweon Robust Image-based Modeling for Real World Applications


Daniel Huber


Lyne Tchapmi

Stanford University

Frank Dellaert

Georgia Tech